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Ami Vadi

First published February 10, 2022

Hello Thursday! This morning on the blog we’re introducing Ami, a London-based Multidisciplinary Designer with an exciting portfolio of work that incorporates her ‘ideologies and personality’ to ‘create a conversation’. A creative since early childhood, she’s gone on to hone a varied skillset and launch an enviable career; from her day job at Unreasonable Studios, to passion projects, like mural painting, she’s booked, busy and optimistic about what’s to come. We can’t help but see bright things in her future, too. Read on to discover her journey, plus learn more about how Covid impacted her work and mental health, how she’s setting boundaries and protecting herself this year, and an exciting new opportunity with Paul Smith’s Foundation.

Ami Vadi

Ami, what’s your creative occupation?

I’m a British-Indian Multidisciplinary Designer based in London. I’m currently at Unreasonable Studios where I work on Creative Artworking, Editing and Motion design. I also work as a Freelance Designer in my free time.

Branding for a photographer

Where have you been?

I’ve always been creative from a very young age, pretty much from the moment I could pick up a pen (literally); and thanks to my supportive parents I was able to channel my creativity into a career. I studied Fine Art, Film Studies and Graphic Design at college and later on studied Graphic Design at Leeds Arts University, taking the skills from the different disciplines with me. Since then I continue to incorporate my ideologies and personality into my work and create a conversation.

Hong Kong 2017 book cover

After graduating, I worked freelance and was shortly connected with PoCC through Ollie Olanipekun to work alongside him and the team as a Lead Designer for their first national campaign. Ever since then I’ve worked with PoCC on several projects that help put the spotlight on under-represented artists. I had the amazing opportunity to show my work on billboards across the UK. After losing my first job due to Covid I went back to freelancing. I branched out into editorial design, designing books for Phoebe Lovatt, Kevin Morosky and Iddo Goldberg and then did small passion projects for myself. Covid made being creative quite challenging, putting a lot of strain on my mental health, so I tried to keep myself busy and jumped at every opportunity I saw to learn and progress in the creative industry; this resulted in me becoming a member of The Converse All Stars team.

'Claim your space' on a billboard

Fairfax book cover

Experiences that I faced last year (…) have helped me to set boundaries, mature and protect myself as I navigate this industry today. AMI ON HOW SHE IS APPROACHING 2022

Where are you now?

I’ve been working full-time as a Multidisciplinary Designer at Unreasonable Studios in London where I recently had my design concepts chosen to rebrand the agency. I get to work on projects for brands such as YouTube Music, Pandora, Mini, and Google. I am very excited to get myself back in an energetic environment surrounded by such supportive and talented people. I’m still working freelance on the side and taking on passion projects where I can. One recent project was painting a mural for Gaia’s Garden; which is by far one of my favourite pieces to date. I also took part in mentoring emerging creatives with The Arena, where I really enjoyed talking to emerging female creatives. Currently, I’ve just started a project designing illustration portraits of the Euphoria cast as Season 2 rolls out. It’s a way for me to still tie my artistic skills to design.

Fezco from Euphoria illustration

Where are you going?

I found out quite recently that I was selected by Paul Smith’s Foundation to take part in an amazing two day workshop. 12 other creatives and I will meet Paul Smith himself, take part in talks, workshops, activities and learn how to use our creativity to create change; which is the exact reason I chose a career in this industry. I’m so excited!

Anti-colourism campaign artwork design

Finally, what’s occupying your thoughts today?

Compared to how I was last year I’m extremely excited and optimistic about this year. I have learnt a great deal from experiences that I faced last year, which have helped me to set boundaries, mature and protect myself as I navigate this industry today. This year I’m learning the importance of focusing on me and my happiness; learning when to take breaks, to let go of things that are out of my control and just do what I love. I hope everyone else is able to do so as well.

A great reminder for us all – take breaks, let go of what is beyond your control and do what you love! Thanks for sharing your journey, Ami. Make sure you visit her website and Instagram.


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