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Dani Molyneux

First published October 7, 2021

Today, we’re thrilled to have Dani sharing her career journey so far! Dani founded her studio, Dotto, back in 2017 and has been putting out meaningful, type-focused work ever since. Since leaving ‘agency land’ behind, she’s forged an exciting freelance career and continues to push the boundaries with her studio; embracing collaboration and the ‘arty’ side of her practice. Read on to discover an upcoming change she’s excited about, plus her super relatable final thought… we feel you, Dani!

Dani Molyneux

Dani, what’s your creative occupation?

I’m a typographic artist and graphic designer working out of my own practice – Dotto. I work within brand identity, editorial, and creative typography/type art. Basically, I make words work. And arts orgs, socially responsible businesses and conscious brands are my favourite.

Where have you been?

I spent a fair few years in agency land, in London and then back in the North-West. Working on a range of disciplines, from corporate communications, packaging and advertising, finally finding my feet with brand identity. I went freelance in 2013, then set up Dotto in 2017 to make meaningful work with good people. I was frustrated with the systems in place in many agencies and wanted to try a different approach.

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Collaboration is important to me (…) I find we make the strongest work when we are all part of the same team and focus on blending our individual strengths. DANI ON HOW SHE RUNS HER STUDIO

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Where are you now?

In 2021 I started focusing much more on the typographic side of my work. Introducing more creative type art, setting up the print shop and pushing the boundaries of what a design studio is supposed to be. Collaboration is important to me, whether that be the clients I work with or other creative experts. I find we make the strongest work when we are all part of the same team and focus on blending our individual strengths.

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Where are you going?

I want to develop the creative typography side much more and push the ‘arty’ side of Dotto. Brand identity will always be an important element of my practice but I want to balance that more corporate side with a much more fluid, artistic side which explores different ideas and moods through typography. I’m also keen to take time away from the screen, and get the paints out. I’m moving into a new studio which will give me a bit more space to explore and experiment, and I’m really excited about this!

'Take up more space' wall mural

Finally, what’s occupying your thoughts today?

Ha, today I’m thinking, how can I STILL be tired? I’ve found the past 18 months completely exhausting (like most people, of course) and I’m constantly trying to keep a check on balance and rest now. Taking decent breaks is a habit I’m trying to crack!

Oof, us too. Let us know when you crack it, won’t you?! Thanks for sharing your journey, Dani!

For more of Dani’s work, visit and follow her on Instagram. Make sure you check out her beautiful store, too.


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