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Isabel Sachs

First published October 12, 2021

I LIKE NETWORKING, like The Creative Occupation, is a platform aiming to help creatives thrive in their careers, whilst challenging the lack of diversity in our industry. So, we just HAD to find out more about its Founder, Isabel, a woman with over 15 years of experience in arts, culture & entertainment, and now, a coveted D&AD pencil on her desk, too! Read on for a brief look at this influential creative’s inspiring career journey, including how she (majorly) turned lemons into lemonade when she lost her job during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Isabel Sachs

Isabel, what’s your creative occupation?

I’m officially a social entrepreneur. Unofficially, I get things done! Haha.

Where have you been?

I’ve been working in the creative industries for over 15 years, for a variety of non-profits, culture organizations and consumer-led companies, conceptualizing and producing branded experiences that worked with clients such as Converse and Red Bull. I also created an award-winning cultural agency, based in Brazil, producing over 50 events a year, including international tours, and managing a roster of artists, and a theatre company.


I was one of the many creatives who lost their job due to the pandemic. After many tears, I grew tired of feeling powerless. ISABEL ON THE BIRTH OF I LIKE NETWORKING

Where are you now?

When lockdown hit, and the world came to a halt, things for the creative industries looked grim. I was one of the many creatives who lost their job due to the pandemic. After many tears, I grew tired of feeling powerless. One day, a friend said to me: “I have no idea how I will find a job now. It’s all about networking and I hate it. I’d honestly pay to have someone network for me”. Soon after, I started I LIKE NETWORKING, a social enterprise trying to make a dent on the DEI stats of the creative industries by providing mentoring, networking, and resources. We’ve supported over 3000 women in 16 months and won the D&AD awards.

Where are you going?

That’s a great question – hopefully towards bigger impact and opening paths to even more people.

Finally, what’s occupying your thoughts today?

SO many things. The state of the world occupies our minds a lot, right? …but on a lighter note, I am thinking about this book I’ve been reading (which is kind of about a collapsing word), and always thinking about coffee!

Thanks for sharing your journey, Isabel! To find out more about Isabel and I LIKE NETWORKING, visit and follow them on Instagram. There’s an I LIKE NETWORKING podcast, too! Check it out, here.


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