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Kieron Lewis

First published June 29, 2022

We’re so excited to be featuring Kieron on the blog this morning. This freelance graphic designer and public speaker is racking up accolades left and right; he’s one of The Dots’ 100 Black trailblazers, a D&AD Judge… we could go on and on! We particularly love his recent book designs for the immensely important Still Breathing: 100 Black Voices on Racism, 100 Ways To Change The Narrative and (the 14 year old in me is screaming) Craig David’s new book, What’s Your Vibe?, in collaboration with Fearne Cotton’s Happy Place. In this chat, Kieron shares what he got up to before going freelance around a year ago (just a month before buying his first home!), where his ‘place of zen’ is, and a top notch maxim for combatting overwhelm. You’re going to love this one… read on for all the good stuff. Oh, and congratulations, newlywed!

Kieron Lewis

Kieron, what’s your creative occupation?

I’m a freelance graphic designer specialising in marketing, branding and editorial design, as well as a host on Adobe Live and the co-founder of Olga & Kay.

Still Breathing cover design

Where have you been?

Well, I got my university degree at Winchester School of Art about 9 years ago. Since then, I’ve worked full-time at numerous agencies covering advertising and editorial design. I always knew eventually I would like to go freelance, and I made the decision to do so about a year ago …literally a month before buying my first home with my fiancé – wild, right?! From my various roles full-time, as well as balancing self-directed projects, this has given me the confidence and people skills to hit the ground running within my freelance career.

 Stills from Kieron's Editorial Design course

Over the years I’ve learnt an important lesson to become more calm and take each moment as it comes – the universe will unravel the way that it should! KIERON ON LEARNING TO TRUST THE UNIVERSE

 Stills from sessions hosted by Kieron

Where are you now?

Currently, I’m based in South London. I have an office at home, which is my place of zen! However, to mix things up I usually work at the Wellcome Collection in Euston. I’m actually typing these answers from there now! In terms of life, I literally just got married about 10 days ago! So, I’m in a very happy place at the moment.

Where are you going?

At the moment, I’m in a position within my career where I have the opportunity to travel a lot. Primarily within the US. A few months back I was invited to speak in Washington DC and share the design process of a hardback publication in collaboration with Harper Collins, focusing on community, race and design. Most of my clients now are from the states, so I see myself collaborating more overseas! However, I will always have a soft spot for South London, in particular Brixton. This is where I was raised!

 Black Voices on Racism inner pages

Finally, what’s occupying your thoughts today?

Honestly, not much and that’s not me trying to play it cool! I recently got back from my honeymoon, so my brain is feeling very relaxed at the moment. I do have a mountain of emails to plough through and I’m hosting on Adobe Live this evening. The “Kieron of Young” would have been over-thinking and slightly panicky, however, over the years I’ve learnt an important lesson to become more calm and take each moment as it comes – the universe will unravel the way that it should!

Wise words, indeed. Are you more like Kieron of Young, or are you trusting the universe these days? Thank you for sharing your journey, Kieron. Make sure you keep up with Kieron‘s work on his Instagram and website.


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