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Kofi Nelson

First published October 18, 2021

This morning, we’re hearing from the excellent Kofi Nelson; multidisciplinary artist and University of Salford grad, days after launching his new single, ‘I’m Down’. Specialising in Graphic Design, Videography and Music Production, Kofi is stacking up projects… and that’s not including talking at Speak Up with our friends Fuse, or being interviewed for The Creative Boom Podcast (it’s well worth a listen!). Read on to discover how he stumbled into Music Production (and what he thinks of his first ever creations!), the projects he loves to work on, and his exciting plans for the future. We can’t wait to see more from him!

Kofi Nelson

Photo credit: Sophia Carey

Kofi, what’s your creative occupation?

I am a freelance creative specialising in the fields of Graphic Design, Videography and Music Production.

Where have you been?

Whilst in High School, I discovered my passion for Graphic Design and Videography. During this time, I worked on a variety of cool projects; helping me to develop my skills with creative software such as Photoshop and iMovie. When transitioning between High School and College, I stumbled across some Music Production software on my sister’s iPad and from that day forward, I became obsessed with the music creation process. Now, when I look back at the work I was making at this time, it’s safe to say that it was terrible and cringe-worthy lol. But you know what they say, if you don’t look back at your past work and cringe then have you really made progress?

I'm Down single artwork

Photo credit: Jeff Vanderspank

I want to take part in more collaborations and contribute to a greater cause or message. If the goal of the project is to inspire, motivate or uplift, then I’m all in! KOFI ON FUTURE PROJECTS

Perseverance - a still from Kofi's last talk

Photo credit: Grace Maisiri

Where are you now?

After graduating from The University of Salford with a degree in Graphic Design, nowadays I can be found working on various projects; from helping family and friends build their brand identities, to creating the soundtracks for podcasts and documentaries. I have been fortunate enough to have some great opportunities come my way (like featuring on The Creative Occupation blog right now! Edit: Aw-shucks!) and I make sure not to take these opportunities for granted. Having relaunched my music production website in October 2020, I wanted to give my internet home a fresh vibe, which is why I’ve added new and informative sections like “projects & features”.

Where are you going?

In the same direction as all these blessings! As a freelance creative, I want to continue to work on projects that excite me. I want to take part in more collaborations and contribute to a greater cause or message. If the goal of the project is to inspire, motivate or uplift, then I’m all in! Because the creative work I do often involves Graphic Design, Videography or Music Production, I would love to build a creative agency that encompasses these three areas. Something like that would be wicked.

Record sleeve design

Finally, what’s occupying your thoughts today?

It’s so cold nowadays… and it’s only autumn. During the winter, I’m gonna have to upgrade from 3 pairs of socks to 4.

Thanks for sharing your journey, Kofi… and we feel you, can we get another fan heater in here?

To find out more about Kofi, and his work, visit and follow him on Instagram.


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