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Tina Jiwa

First published December 9, 2022

Well, I can’t think of a more lovely feature to close 2022 than this.

We caught up with Tina Jiwa at a transformative time; as she contemplates shifting her focus away from her branding design business and towards ‘poetry, writing, yoga and spiritual growth’.

Tina is a talented wordsmith, and in this chat, she shares her thoughts on being present, the importance of tenderness, and more with such thoughtfulness and joy.

I hope, as we head into 2023, this inspires you to start the new year with more of the peace and alignment that Tina has found, and also that you take her words to heart when she says…

you don’t have to love the journey you just have to love yourself through the journey

-tina jiwa

Tina Jiwa

Tina, what’s your creative occupation?

I head up my branding design studio and have been a brand designer for the past 10 years. However, I am in the process of considering saying goodbye to branding design, and following my heart and soul (sounds cliché but it’s literally what I’m doing). Poetry, writing, yoga and spiritual growth is what calls me now so I am heading towards finding inner alignment with my truest self and pouring love out of myself and into this world in ways that feel natural and creative to me. I hope this is what I can now refer to as my ‘creative occupation’.

'Dark skinned' poem

Where have you been?

No matter what goes on externally for us, it always comes down to how things make us feel. Everything we are searching for will end with a feeling we long for. And I can gladly say all my experiences, across my career and personal life, have allowed me to face all emotions, all feelings, all parts of me. So that’s where I’ve been, to all the corners of my internal borders, journeying deeper and deeper toward my heart and further away from society’s conditioning, limiting beliefs, and projections from others. I’ve been experiencing more of what makes me feel happy, peaceful and aligned.

The only place I am heading is to fully surrender to this present moment. TINA ON BEING PRESENT

Where are you now?

Currently, in Indonesia for 4 months. I will finish in Bali to complete my 500 hour Kundalini yoga training course, as this is something I also love to do – meditation and yoga. The amazing thing is I have managed to create a safe stream of income from my design work which allows me to travel and follow my soul calling more and more, which I stay grateful for each and every day. And internally I am navigating my limiting beliefs on fear of failure, duality (allowing everything to just be rather than labelling things as good, bad etc.), and courage to follow my heart and the unknown (it’s currently telling me to start writing a book!).

'Labels' poem

Where are you going?

I’m heading more and more towards the present moment. This is where all illusions can fall, such as holding onto the past, or worrying about the future. I am aiming to stay present to every moment and touch each moment I live with love and gratitude. I am 100% certain this way of being will allow me to flow with the beauty of this life, and all my desires will unfold before me… I can trust and lean into the unknown without fear this way. The only place I am heading is to fully surrender to this present moment.

'Journey' poem

Finally, what’s occupying your thoughts today?

Tenderness. Being gentle and kind to myself as I make transitions that scare me and my nervous system. I think we have to allow life to move through us, rather than efforting so hard to move through it. And I want to flow into this next chapter with grace and gratitude for every single step. I have gotten to a place in life where I need nothing from others and can happily say I have learnt to fill myself in such a beautiful way that I can pour out into this world through love, and so I hope to stay tender to myself and to humanity as we all find our paths; heal and walk towards unconditional love for ourselves and others. I’m also thinking how grateful I am for the opportunity to answer these questions and for the platform you have created. You are magic!

Thank you, thank you, Tina. We can’t wait for the book! Follow Tina on Instagram to follow her journey and to read more of her gorgeous poetry. Merry Christmas!


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